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Soft capsule

What is a soft capsule?
Gelatin skin film coated with liquid or paste of raw materials, crimping molding processing. It is also widely used in many fields, such as medicine, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, health food, general processed food and so on.
Advantages and characteristics of soft capsules.
  • Quality stability. In order to completely seal the capsule, the raw materials in the oxidation and composition of the deterioration of the strength of the high stability of the shape made. In addition, the content of the smell carried by the masking effect is also one of the characteristics.
  • Ease of filling of liquid raw materials. The original shape is oily and liquid in case it can be filled directly without making powder.
  • Easy to drink. Because of its moderate elasticity and easy sliding shape, the throat and esophagus do not feel abnormal and are easy to swallow.

List of sizes of soft capsules.

Shape OVAL-4 OVAL-4.5 OVAL-5 OVAL-6 OVAL-7.5
Content 150mg〜200mg 200mg〜250mg 250mg〜300mg 300mg〜360mg 400mg〜450mg

Type of soft capsule.

  • Shape:OBLONG5
    Content:Approximately 250-300mg
  • Shape:OBLONG8
    Content:Approximately 400-450mg
  • Shape:OBLONG20
    Content:Approximately 1000-1200mg
  • Shape:ROUND2
    Content:About 100mg
  • Shape:ROUND4
    Content:Approximately 150-200mg
  • Shape:ROUND16
    Content:Approximately 1000-1500mg
  • Shape:Triangle4
    Content:Approximately 150-200mg
  • Shape:Triangle5
    Content:Approximately 250-300mg
  • Shape:Triangle6
    Content:Approximately 300-350mg
  • Shape:Triangle7.5
    Content:Approximately 400-450mg

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