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Quality Policy/R&D

Miyazaki prefecture for the first and only integrated process certification factory

We introduce HACCP · GMP standard management system to our customers to deliver secure, safe, high quality health foods and supplements, and we are practicing on a daily basis. In order to deliver products responsibly to customers nationwide, we conduct high level of safety and hygiene management for each process from acceptance to product shipment.

GMP certified factory

About quality control

In the manufacturing and development department, in order to deliver safe, safe, high-quality health foods and supplements with responsibility to customers nationwide, it is necessary to harm every step from accepting all raw materials to product shipment ( We conduct safety analysis and hygiene control at a high level by analyzing, analyzing and managing (monitoring) chemical substances, foreign substances, bacteria contamination, etc.), and keeping records while confirming safety I will.
Under an intensive management system, each and every one of the staff is responsible for manufacturing and developing safe, secure, high-quality health foods and supplements.

【Why do you need GMP for health food? 】
As health foods (especially tablets and capsules) are subjected to operations such as concentration and mixing during the manufacturing process, there are variations in the amount of ingredients contained in the products, and contaminated with toxic substances There is a possibility. In order to prevent this problem beforehand, GMP has been introduced. Internationally GMP mandates and spontaneous efforts are being promoted.

About R&D

In the research and development department, excellent researchers such as doctor, administrative dietician, nutritionist, food hygiene manager, JAS Food Manufacturer quality control officer, poison poison handling person, etc. are enrolled.The thorough quality Under management and sanitation management, we are working on research that aims to elucidate the function exerting mechanism of various functional foods, the basis of its effectiveness and secure safety, and extract technology that extracts functional ingredients without leaving And research on the latest processing technology.
In addition, in order to reflect the opinions of customers who actually help us in product development, we have deepened our research and development efforts on "food" and "health" jointly by the Japan Biofuz Group, We have developed supplements of more than one type. We are engaged in research and development that can respond to the diversifying needs in the future, and we are developing superior new products with higher functionality that we can only do.

About quality policy

We regard safety and safety as an absolute basis and considering product creation in line with the corporate philosophy as the first, we will provide our customers with services and trust.
1. Each and every one of us will deliver goods and services from the user's point of fidelity.
2. Listen carefully to the opinions of users, we provide accurate and easy-to-understand information, products and services.
3. We will comply with laws and regulations and coexist with nature, society and the region.
4. Priority and thoroughness are given to safety, safety and trust to everything.
5. We will strive constantly from an international perspective and continue pursuing the highest quality based on the idea of international standards.

Hygiene control by HACCP·GMP

HACCP is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, a technique for managing factors that cause harm in the process of manufacturing foods and ensuring safety. We are adopting this method as soon as possible and striving to ensure a higher level of safety.

Research and development of Nippon Biofoods

Create and embody new value

A lot of qualified persons in various fields including Doctor, Nutritionist, etc. are enrolled in the Research and Development Department. Excellent researchers will explore the potential of materials and create raw materials with effective action. In addition, we discover optimum conditions from blended design of products, manufacturing prototypes, severe tests, and embody the products that customers desire.

  • Research on raw materials·raw materials

    We have studied many healthy materials to date, and the number is hundreds. In addition, we have explored the effectiveness of the material group on a daily basis, especially focusing on the research of materials using local products of Kyushu, and have realized many products.

  • Product/product development

    In order to embody your product concept, we will repeat selection of dosage form, formulation design, sample preparation. In addition, we derive optimum cost, lot and standards on the premise of stable supply.

  • presentation

    We regularly hold in-house seminars with our sales staff to promote cooperation quickly and accurately with research results, material effectiveness, product standard concepts etc. We also make presentations for customers to have deeper product knowledge.

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