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OEM Comprehensive contract manufacture
(supplement · health food)

 high speed short delivery time.

We've continued to high-value-added proposal serves motto of" small-lot, multi-product Photos, corresponding Immediate delivery and light risk "as an OEM comprehensive contract manufacturer.
In manufacturing, we have established an integrated production system and quality assurance system that enables a variety of dosage forms processing and filling of the largest of its manufacturing plant in western Japan.

Of course we don't compromise on quality. Our proprietary parallel flow realizes lead time shortening!

Keep quality and shorten construction period!we will not miss business opportunities! !

Do you having the following troubles?

Ultra high speed fast delivery in Japan Biofoods

Reasons we are well received

Can you call a manufacturing company that only gives an estimate as a partner?

We are a manufacturing company that can propose 'to sell' because we have the functions of the planning company.

We consistently do "from idea to shipment" within the group.Hundreds to extend rich handling raw materials, processing technology for a variety of dosage forms, with a creative package promotional materials design, each expert is small lot and that you are familiar with the market, multi-product, immediate action, light risk in the instant delivery product We support product creation.

The sun and green country! Environment ease and safe supplements and manufacture health food at Miyazaki!

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