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Hard capsule

What is a hard capsule?
The product consists of a cylindrical main body part and a top cover part, mixing powder and particles, filling the main body and sealing the product. Capsules based on gelatin or botanical raw materials are divided into different sizes, and the volumes used to fill various contents are also different.
Advantages and characteristics of hard capsules.
  • Can be combined with high active ingredients. In the case of a powder, there is little need to put in extra additives because only the powder is loaded.
  • There will be no burden of raw materials on the manufacturing process. It is a well-formed supplement because it does not generate additional heat or pressure in the manufacturing process. So it's a form of raw material that doesn't deteriorate easily.
  • Easy to decompose (good for the intestines and stomach). Capsule skin will not burden the stomach, will soon dissolve. After the capsule skin membrane melts, the inside is powdery, so is the shape which does not cause the burden to the stomach.

An overview of the size of hard capsules.

Number No.1 No.2 No.3
Content Translation of 250mg-350mg Translation of 200mg-300mg Translation of 100mg-200mg

Types of hard capsules (acid resistance of porcine gelatin HPMC pullulan polysaccharide).

  • Transparency

  • White

  • Whitening

  • White yellow

  • Powder

  • Pink transparent

  • blue

  • Blue transparent

  • Brown

  • Brown transparent

  • Caramel

  • Yellow transparent

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