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Introduction to the
largest manufacturing plant in West Japan

West Japan's largest GMP certification plant.

Can make soft capsules in secure Miyazaki!

So far it has been mainly "soft capsules" made in East Japan. We also set up a second plant in West Japan with the idea of a "software capsule manufacturing stronghold."
The "risk", which is difficult to see in the operation of an enterprise, is an important factor related to business continuity when problems arise.
So don't you want to make soft capsules on "Miyazaki" where the sun shines and the green light shines?

All Kyushu, all West Japan has finally achieved the goal of producing nutritious and healthy foods.

Don't you try to centralize the manufacturing base of the goods?

In Miyazaki countryof Sun and Green, the biggest GMP certification factory in West Japan has opened!

Large-scale mass production can also be immediately commissioned!

Introduction of equipment (latest factory 2)

The only GMP Certification in Miyazaki Prefecture

The second manufacturing plant, completed in November 2016, is the largest nutritional agent production plant in West Japan, with soft capsules, hard capsules, pellets, coatings, rods, bags filled, etc., with all the automatic processes for manufacturing the above goods. It is a factory with 67-times the production capacity of an existing factory.
To achieve small batches, multi-varieties, rapid correspondence, immediate delivery, welcome to discuss with us.

Guidelines on quality management

 Manufactured at safe sun and green country Miyazaki

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