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Company name Japan Biofoods Co., Ltd.
Location 1730-10, Tanocho Otsu, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki, 889-1702, Japan
Telephone / fax TEL:0985-86-5686 FAX:0985-86-5687
Capital ¥10,000,000
Officer President and Chairman Mitoshi Yotsuda
President Masayuki Morishita
President Mituo Yotsuda
Foundation 1992
※ From around 1985 Research / foundation from literature in Europe and South America
Establishment Established September 14, 1994
※ April 1, 1998 Japan Biofoods Co., Ltd.
Bank Miyazaki Bank,Akae Branch
Fukuoka Bank,Miyazaki Branch
Affiliate Japan Biofoods Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Business contents · Research on health foods · health materials · Product development
· Research on functional foods, soft drinks · Product development
· Research and product development of fermented foods, herbal medicines, Traditional Chinese medicine
· Research on animal supplements · Product development
· Research on new materials such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics · Product development
Production and sales of the above items and other related work.

Sales office

Management philosophy

business creed

(1) Cleaning management (spirit of improving day to day training, practicing for society, company, and for myself to the business partner through cleaning)
What I think as "the mind of life trained by human beings" is human growth and corporate development. Through in-house and external clean-up mind, you gain the improvement of managerial quality, the improvement of employee quality, the cherishment of substances, the mental cleansing. "

(2) Appreciation management (spirit of deeply concerning people / things)
Gratitude is the pillar of the mental law of corporate management. One's own power, the other power is nine Humble heart, I carry out business management with the mind that I think is alive.

(3) Co-existence management
Our company's coexistence is a collective organization of employees who can be self-reliant. Practice, aim, action together, learn in business, learn together, flourish together, live together Mind of coexistence prosperity.
From the perspective of the world, as a corporate philosophy of the Japan Biofoods Group corporate philosophy common wish of true health, true health, we are practicing a serious corporate group that looked at the future.

Message from the president

As a corporate philosophy of the Japan Biofoods Group (three companies) common wish of true health, we are practicing serious corporate groups that looked at the future.
Now that the world is seriously addressing global environmental issues, environmental problems, population growth, aging societal problems, lifestyle diseases problems, various chronic diseases, and global infectious diseases (pandemic problems) have been rapidly increasing in recent years I think so.

Based on such global social phenomena, the Japan Biofoods Group (three companies) established a consigned manufacturer, Japan Biofoods Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with the cooperation of safe and secure municipalities, the largest consigned manufacturing in Western Japan We have built a factory (5441.29 m²).
Introduction of the latest advanced manufacturing machines. R & D, labeling, packaging specialized designer by a knowledgeable professional staff We manufacture a wide variety of materials and goods.
Production requests are increasing rapidly from all over the world, from overseas with the Mirage.
In addition, it is a safety zone gathered by athletes nationwide in Miyazaki Prefecture, one of the country's rich natural environment.

Supplement (nutritional supplement) The world's highest level of professional staff, manufacturing technology (nutritional supplement), health supplement food, health improving food, beauty food, health nutrition robust food, adults to children, men, women, diverse supplements We have received manufacturing requests from numerous companies such as medical institutions, mail-order industry, beauty industry, food industry, health industry, nationwide department store and so on.

At the Japan Biofoods Group Manufacturing Factory (Japan Biofoods Manufacturing Co., Ltd.), the second factory was completed in October 2016, undertaking 100% production process in in-house production, equipped with modern state-of-the-art equipment, many tours. I got an echo.

Shiota Mita